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    Pollo Loco is a Production company that integrates a professional approach towards the audiovisual and multimedia sector. The company handles projects from conception thru completion. Through its team of experienced professionals specialising in all areas of pre-production, production and post- production, Pollo Loco offers an in-house strategy throughout the project, with the vision of delivering high quality industry-standards productions.

    Martin Farrugia (Best Original Script/Drama � La Farfalla 2010) and PJ Xerxen have formed the company in 2010. Pollo Loco aired its first production in 2010: Kwazi Ahwa (co-production) airing prime-time locally.

    The two directors have substantial experience in the local media industry and excel in the creative, scripting, casting, production, direction, DOP and filming skills.

    Pollo Loco has been conceived to operate and produce TV and Theatre productions, as well as Audio Visual projects for the corporate arena, both locally and internationally.

    PJ Xerxen

    PJ Xerxen

    Malta TV Awards
    Nominated for Best Actor 2010 � Dellijiet and La Farfalla
    Various theatre productions:
    La Farfalla
    Kwazi Ahwa
    Bla Komixin
    Singled Out
    Directed / Artistic:
    La Farfalla, Emilja
    Kwazi Ahwa
    Grade 8 Drama & Speech - Victoria Collage of Arts
    BSc. Radiography (Hons) � University of Malta
    Martin Farrugia

    Martin Farrugia

    Malta TV Awards:
    Best Original Script 2010
    Giselle, La Farfalla and Kwazi Ahwa
    Directed / Artistic:
    La Farfalla, Kwazi Ahwa
    Written and Produced:
    Kwazi Ahwa
    BSBA in Marketing and Economics � Clarion University, Pennsylvania � USA
  • Pollo Loco Services

    Pollo Loco applies its creative, scripting, casting, production, direction, DOP and filming skills to handle projects from conception through completion, for the local and international market.

    List of Services

    Pre-production, production and post- production for TV shows, drama, and documentaries
    Corporate Videos
    Music videos
    Photo shoots for printed media, billboards and e-media
    Casting for local and international projects
    Web design including banners
    Titling, Graphics and SFX
    Marketing Campaigns and Concept creation
    Filming of conferences and special events
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    Best original script

Pollo Loco we soon start filming a number of tv programs and films. We would like to have you on board as actors, front-line-artist, extras, production assistants, and trainees. If you are interested please send an email to casting@thepolloloco.com.

Who should apply?
Anyone who has an interest in acting or
participating in a filming production.

Apply Now!